Br. Joseph Wallace-William, n/OHC’s sermon for Epiphany 2

Maybe I’m just hearing things? Did anyone else catch all that? Maybe our familiarity with this text makes it hard to catch it all? Maybe this will help: Hospitality and its importance. Scarcity and Abundance, It’s okay to have a party and a good time, Attentiveness and Disobedience, Family tension, Fear and Shame, Isolation vs community. And I could… read more on our sermons blog

A Random Image from Holy Cross

A Benedictine Monastery in the Episcopal Tradition

At Holy Cross, you enter into a time of prayer and reflection, renewal and re-creation. The time you spend here can help you deepen your sense of communion with God, nature and with others. Holy Cross is part of the Order of the Holy Cross. Our facilities consist of 2 Guest Houses, the Monastery Church of St. Augustine, and the Monastic Enclosure, located on twenty-six magnificent acres on the west bank of the Hudson River.

The primary ministry of Holy Cross Monastery is to guests on individual and group retreats. Our Guesthouse is among the largest monastic retreat facilities in the Episcopal Church. Rooms are available for overnight stays so that you can join with us and explore the spiritual dimension of your life. We estimate that about 5,000 people visit us each year.

In addition to our guest ministry we also manufacture incense, publish, and operate a book and gift shop.

The primary work of the community is worship and prayer, which are the central components of our daily life.