Br. Josép R. Martínez-Cubero, OHC’s  Sermon for The Transfiguration:

“Just as we are transformed in those thin places, we are called to participate in the continuing story, to come down the mountain into the valley of our humanity and the world around us, and bring it as close as we possibly can to the vision of God. Why? Well, scripture is very clear. What God changes, God changes through us, and we can’t achieve this by freezing a moment, but by taking up our cross, and following Christ with the confidence that what lies ahead is even greater than what we’ve already experienced.”. . . The Holy Cross  Sermon Blog .

The Prior’s Column is back with Br. Bernard, OHC blogging

Some asked me to report as the new Prior on goings-on at Holy Cross Monastery. It’s been years since I’ve been blogging so I’ll need to get back into the swing of it. What would you like to know about monastic life but never dared to ask…?

Read my first entry at The Prior’s Column. It’s called “Transitions, Transitions, Transitions.” You’ll always find a link to this blog from our Meditations and Sermons web page.

Chanting to the Lord – discerning a Capital Campaign

Holy Cross is never without chanting! Equally, the physical structures that support our life of prayer, worship and service always need maintenance and improvement. Many projects are worthwhile, yet priorities must be set based on financial realities.

This year, we plan to initiate a capital campaign to raise funds for projects in the areas of worship, hospitality and sustainability. Our capital campaign comprises three phases (Discerning / Studying / Asking). We are in the process of preparing the final phase, the Asking phase.

Please visit our ‘Chanting to the Lord’ website to watch a new video that explains what makes Holy Cross unique. In words and images, the Brothers explain the projects we believe will improve our shared life of worship, hospitality and sustainability. Visitors to the monastery speak movingly about why Holy Cross matters, and how this work will allow us to serve many more. This website also contains more information about the need for a capital campaign and news items about it. Keep visiting it as the campaign unfolds.

Consider how you might support our efforts through prayer, and in due time, make a financial gift to the campaign. If you have questions about our needs, the campaign, or how you can help, contact Br. Bernard Delcourt (BernardJeanDelcourt at gmail dot com).

A Random Image from Holy Cross

A Benedictine Monastery in the Episcopal Tradition

At Holy Cross, you enter into a time of prayer and reflection, renewal and re-creation. The time you spend here can help you deepen your sense of communion with God, nature and with others. Holy Cross Monastery is part of the Order of the Holy Cross. Our facilities consist of 2 Guest Houses, the Monastery Church of St. Augustine, and the Monastic Enclosure, located on twenty-six magnificent acres on the west bank of the Hudson River.

The primary ministry of Holy Cross Monastery is to guests on individual and group retreats. Our Guesthouse is a well-loved retreat facility in the church. Rooms are available for overnight stays so that you can join with us and explore the spiritual dimension of your life. We estimate that about 5,000 people visit us each year.

In addition to our guest ministry we also manufacture incense, publish, and operate a book and gift shop. Many monks see people in spiritual direction (a form of spiritual companioning).

The primary work of the community is worship and prayer, which are the central components of our daily life.