Br.Robert James Magliula, OHC’s sermon for Proper 23- October 15, 2017

“Jesus often made unusual and uncomfortable comparisons in his parables to challenge the assumptions of his listeners. We are as confused, and surprised by this story, as those who first heard it. We don’t know what to do with those scriptures which reverse the rules as we know them, especially challenging our conceptions about who is in and who is out. The temptation is to ignore them, or explain them away. We get the connection between the kingdom and people being invited in from the streets, but then there is the unexpected and extreme behavior of the king toward one of the guests.”. . .  The Holy Cross  Sermon Blog .

Chanting to the Lord – Our Capital Campaign

Holy Cross is never without chanting! Equally, the physical structures that support our life of prayer, worship, and service always need maintenance. Many projects are worthwhile, yet priorities must be set based on financial realities.

We’ve started a capital campaign to raise funds for worship, hospitality and sustainability projects. Please visit our Chanting to the Lord website to watch a video in which Brothers explain projects we believe will improve our shared life of worship, hospitality and, sustainability. Visitors to the monastery speak movingly about why Holy Cross matters, and how this work will allow us to serve many more. You’ll also find more information about our financial needs and news about the campaign.

Consider how you might support our efforts through prayer and in due time, make a financial gift. More questions? Please contact Br. Bernard Delcourt: BernardJeanDelcourt@gmail.com.  

A Random Image from Holy Cross

A Benedictine Monastery in the Anglican Tradition

At Holy Cross, you enter into a time of prayer and reflection, renewal and re-creation. The time you spend here can help you deepen your sense of communion with God, nature and with others. Holy Cross Monastery is part of the Order of the Holy Cross. Our facilities consist of 2 Guest Houses, the Monastery Church of St. Augustine, and the Monastic Enclosure, located on twenty-six magnificent acres on the west bank of the Hudson River.

The primary ministry of Holy Cross Monastery is to guests on individual and group retreats. Our Guesthouse is a well-loved retreat facility in the church. Rooms are available for overnight stays so that you can join with us and explore the spiritual dimension of your life. We estimate that about 5,000 people visit us each year.

In addition to our guest ministry we also manufacture incense, publish, and operate a book and gift shop. Many monks see people in spiritual direction (a form of spiritual companioning).

The primary work of the community is worship and prayer, which are the central components of our daily life.