Holy Cross IncenseHoly Cross Incense is produced by monks of Holy Cross Monastery using aromatic gums and resins imported from Sumatra and Ethiopia. Our incense contains no fillers and is highly concentrated. We handmake this incense in our workshop using techniques and recipes developed over several decades. This craft and attention to detail creates blends that are rich and multi-layered. Not sure which scent is right for you or your church? Try our sampler pack.

Blends of Holy Cross Incense:

Saint Benedict – A blend of Frankincense and Myrrh which produces a pleasing, non-sweet fragrance whose base is labdanum oil.

Saint Augustine – Frankincense and Myrrh, combined with rose oil, create a sweet, rich and penetrating rose fragrance.

Sancta Crux – Frankincense and Myrrh, blended with a special rosewood oil, produce a refreshingly rich and spicy fragrance, with overtones of rose scent.

Santiago – Pure Frankincense blended with oil of lemon and balsam of Peru, which enhances the natural lemon fragrance of the Frankincense. Light and refreshing.

"Saint Augustine" blend Holy Cross IncenseUsing our Incense

Holy Cross Incense is liturgical incense and must be burned on charcoal. There are two types of charcoal generally used for incense:
Standard size self-lighting round  briquettes
Small rectangular briquettes

The standard size is good for churches and other large spaces. The small size is convenient for home use and smaller spaces. The standard size can also be used in small spaces by breaking the briquette into pieces.

Lighting the coal: The standard size includes a lighting agent in the charcoal. This means that it can be easily lighted with a match, but caution must be used – hold the coal with tongs as the lighting agent burns quickly. The smaller coals can be easily lighted by holding them over a candle flame – also using tongs!

Burning the incense: Once lighted, put the coal in a heat-proof censer. You can use a metal or ceramic bowl as a censer, but you should line the bottom with an inch of sand or ash for insulation. The hot coal then sits on top of the sand or ash. The censer should be placed on a surface that can not scorch, such as a tile or trivet. Allow the coal to become thoroughly lighted before putting on incense – the coal will generally turn white when it is hot.  Putting incense on a coal that is not hot enough can put the coal out and also cause the incense to smolder rather than to burn, which degrades the aroma.  Start by applying just a grain or two of incense until you get a feel for how much incense fills your space.


Blend 1.5 Ounce 1/2 Pound Pound
Pure Frankincense $5 $12 $22
Sancta Crux $8 $20 $35
Santiago $10 $25 $45
Saint Augustine $8 $20 $35
Saint Benedict $8 $20 $35
Sampler Pack 1.5 oz. of each of our four blends $25



Standard Sized
Box of 100 briquettes $22
Roll of 10 briquettes $3
Small Sized
Box of 24 briquettes $10



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