Meditations and Sermons

Stained Glass window in the Monatery ChurchMembers of our community contribute to our Facebook page and to blogs.

Content from our blogs is often cross-referenced on our Facebook page but not always and not necessarily as soon as the blogger posted content.  You may want to follow the individual blogs to be keep up-to-date with their evolving content.

Let some of our past sermons feed your reflections and meditations

OHC SermonsOHC Sermons

As Benedictine Monastics in the Anglican tradition, we answer the call to preach the gospel. You will find here many of the sermons that Holy Cross community members (and guest preachers) have preached.

We share sermons on Sundays, on important feast days and on community events such as professions.

All those who are able in the community are called to preach. Currently, that means most of us get to preach every three months or so.

Some of our community members write out their sermons. Those are the sermons we are able to share on the web. Others preach from summary notes and are not captured in our blog

Follow our Prior’s view of what’s happening at the Monastery

The Prior’s Column

Br. Bernard Delcourt, OHC is our Prior. He has administrative and pastoral oversight of our monastery. He shares his musings about things that draw his attention at the monastery.

Be inspired by goings-on on the grounds of the Monastery

Grounding in the Spirit

Br. Will Owen, OHC is our Grounds Steward. He oversees the maintenance and beautifying of our grounds. He is interested in sustainability and the abiding presence of God in all creation. He regularly organizes Garden Volunteers Days for guests to come and help us on the grounds. He also leads folks into Gardening retreats exploring the spirituality of creation in our lives. Check out our Retreat Programs for the dates.