The Brothers and Residents of Holy Cross come from a variety of backgrounds but a share a common interest in devoting their lives to knowing God and becoming closer to God through a practice of monastic living. If you think you may have a call to live with them, check out our vocations page for information on making a vocational retreat to Holy Cross.


Br. Robert Sevensky, photo by Randy, OHCBr. Robert Sevensky
Superior of the Order


Br. Robert Sevensky has been a member of the Order of the Holy Cross since 1986 and currently serves as the Order’s Superior. He is a native of Scranton, PA, and holds a doctorate in philosophy from Boston College. Before entering the community he taught at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine in the humanities program. He has held various positions in the Order, including guest master, Director of Associates, Novice Master and Prior of Mount Calvary Monastery, Santa Barbara. Over the years he has offered ministries of teaching, retreat guidance, spiritual direction and hospital chaplaincy and now serves as the Chaplain to the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church. He enjoys good books, especially monastic studies or personal memoirs. He also enjoys meetings, which comes in handy in his current position.


crop 1Br. Robert James Magliula
Formation Director

Br. Robert James’ training before seminary was in Psychology and Art. He is a Registered Art Therapist and practiced in NYC . He also worked in hospital chaplaincy there.

Before entering Holy Cross he was Rector of Christ the King in Stone Ridge. Much of his time in the Order was spent at Mariya uMama weThemba Monastery in South Africa where he was the priest for the community, Director of the Scholarship Fund, and Principal of Holy Cross School. He is currently the Director of Formation and Director of Associates.



Br. Scott Wesley BordenBr. Scott Wesley Borden
Prior of Holy Cross Monastery


Br. Scott was born in Vermont and grew up in the Albany area of New York. He entered the Order of the Holy Cross in 2001 and was life professed in 2005. Prior to entering the Order, Scott worked in the public radio system, including positions at WKYU Bowling Green, West Virginia Public Radio, and WNYC New York. His public radio worked ranged from management and audience research to concert recording, interviewing, and various types of production. Scott is an avid musician and especially fond of a capella choral music. He has sung in various ensembles throughout his life and is especially thrilled to be able to sing with Kairos Consort – which is Artist in Residence at the Monastery. Scott frequently leads retreats both at the monastery and at other locations. He also has a regular ministry of Spiritual Direction. And he is Director of Guesthouse Ministries and Bursar of the Monastery.



Br. James Rostron
In Annual Vows – Guestmaster


Br. Laurence Harms

Br. Laurence Arthur Harms, was born in Rock Island, Illinois in August 1928. He has been connected with O.H.C. since 1960 when he felt called to teach science at the Holy Cross Mission in Bolahun, Liberia. After he completed his two year tour of duty he felt called to try his vocation with the Order and took his life vow on Sept. 1, 1966.
When Laurence came up for Junior Profession, he had some doubts. He really enjoyed teaching math and science so he had to decide whether he wanted to be a teacher or monk. He decided, after much prayer, that he wanted to be monk. Two weeks after he took his Life Vow, the Superior sent him back to Liberia where he was both a monk and a science teacher. Laurence spent some 20 years teaching science and math in LiberiaLiving, Ghana and the Bahamas.
In 1987 he was transferred to Mount Calvary Retreat House. Recently he is serving God at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY.


Br. Rafael Campbell Dixon

Br Rafael was born on Corn Island a little Caribbean island off the coast of Nicaragua.
In his twenties he went to the mainland to finish high school in Bluefields. It was there that he first heard of Holy Cross. He was very much interested in missionary work. He heard of Holy Cross’ mission work in Liberia. He wrote the Order about it but did not receive an encouraging response about missionary work.
Four years later, Br. Rafael confided in his Bishop of his interest in the Holy Cross Monastic community. The Bishop was very pleased with the young man’s intererest and enabled Rafael to come to the United States to try his vocation.
That was in 1965. Br. Rafael has been a monk ever since. As it happened, Rafael did eventually get to go to Liberia for eight years of mission work. He has lived in West Park since 2010.


Br. Bede MudgeBr. Bede Mudge

Br. Bede Mudge entered Holy Cross in 1964, when he was 25, so most of his life has been spent in the Order. Though he has lived in other houses of the Order, the majority of his time has been here at West Park. He has served as Novice Master twice and as Prior of two other houses, and has been Prior here for 3 years. He also managed the book and gift shop and was director of the Guesthouse. Christian Spirituality, Spiritual Direction and the practice and teaching of Meditation have been his ministries. After all these years, one of his chief joys is still the singing of the Divine Office day by day.



Br. Ronald HaynesBr. Ronald Haynes

Br. Ronald has been with the Order of the Holy Cross for forty-two years. He has currently been at West Park for the past thirty years. He is the Director of Associates, Assistant Novice Director and the monastery massage therapist for the past fourteen years.




Br. Roy Parker

Roy Parker’s brief career as a tool designer for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft before entering Holy Cross laid a foundation for his current one in calligraphy which began decades ago when he happened upon the book “Sweet Roman Hand” and fell in love with Italic script.  He has worn other hats, at one time dubbed Mt. Calvary’s ‘Man of Culture’ for his abilities in making  yogurt and sourdough bread.   The singing of chant has been life-giving for him as has the practice of Centering Prayer, the method of which he has been trained to present to beginners.



Br. Lary Pearce, photo by Randy, OHCBr. Lary Pearce

Until he entered the Order in 1985 Lary Pearce lived most of his life in Georgia and South Carolina. He read G. G Coulton’s Medieval Panorama when he was a senior in college in 1962 and became interested in monasticism, and did not realize a vocation until 1984, when he applied for admission to the postulancy. He was life professed at Mount Calvary, Santa Barbara, California in 1990 and served as Guest Master there from 1988 through1994. He transferred Berkeley in 1994 where he studied the New Testament with William L. Countryman at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific. He also studied mystical theology with Robert Hale, O.S.B. Cam. Lary transferred to Holy Cross Monastery in October, 2007. He does spiritual direction and continues to be interested in medieval history and mystical theology.


Br. Andrew ColquhounBr. Andrew Colquhoun

Andrew is a Scot by birth. He entered the Order in 1989. Before that he served Churches as a Presbyterian minister in Scotland, Virginia and North Carolina. He was priested in 1984 while he was a CPE Supervisor in Iowa. In the Order he has been Guestmaster and Prior at West Park and has just returned from South Africa where he helped found our monastery there and where he was the Novice Master.




Br. Bernard DelcourtBr. Bernard Delcourt

Br. Bernard, a native of Belgium (and an American citizen since 2009), came to New York in 1998 and entered the Order of the Holy Cross in 2004. He made his life profession of the Benedictine Vow in November 2009. Prior to entering the monastery, he had been a banker; and then a life skills and business coach. Br. Bernard meets with several people in spiritual direction. He is the Monastery’s webmaster and beekeeper.



Br. José Folgueira
In Annual Vows


Br. James Rostron
In Annual Vows – Guestmaster


Mr. Reinaldo Martinez-Cubero


Mr. Will Owen


Rev. Joseph Wallace-Williams