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The principal resource for all Christian monks, indeed, for all Christians, is Holy Scripture. Holy Cross Benedictine monks read, study and pray Scripture daily, and encounter it on multiple levels, including that of contemporary studies.

In both the Anglican and the monastic traditions the daily recitation of scripture based prayer, called The Divine or Daily Office, is fundamental. A person who wants to become a monk will want to make this his daily practice. The Book of Common Prayer provides the necessary framework for Anglicans. The Order’s own office book is A Monastic Breviary (West Park, NY: Holy Cross Publishing & Morehouse, 1976) A helpful website for the Daily Office is

Detail of choir stalls in Monastery Church of St. Augustine, photo by Br. Scott, OHCThe Rule of St. Benedict

St. Benedict Window in Monastery Church photo by Randy, OHCBenedictine Spirituality and History

The Monastery Church of St. Augustine, photo by Br. Randy, OHCLectio Divina

On the Order of the Holy Cross:

Belltower at Holy Cross MonasteryAdditional Resources

These resources may help in understanding the Order of the Holy Cross, the monastic life as we live it, and the process of discernment of a call to religious life.